The Wasteland


The Wasteland, the scorched desert inhabited by psychopath and mutant alike. The unforgiving no-mans land between shanty towns and strongholds. This is where hunter stalks prey.



The Martial Arts Masters - All masters have a boost to their stats, their own technique, and the ability pass on half of their stat bonuses and skill to a student after 4 years of training. A character can only receive the bonuses of ONE master.


Hokuto Shinken Master


The sole heir to the BIg Dipper God Fist Style of martial arts. It’s been passed down for millennia, letting only a single successor survive through each generation. The style is primarily formed of precise jabs and thrusts on the pressure points of the human body, to create a multitude of effects. The majority of them being explosively lethal.



Nanto Seiken Master


The primary heir to the South Dipper Holy Fist style, which is one of the two largest rivals to the Shinken style. The most notable difference to the Shinken way was its vast numbers. There were at least a hundred different offshoots of this style, forming up its side wide array branches. The Heir to the Nanto Style however, is the sole heir to the purest and most powerful form of it. The main bulk of their style being the simple yet elegant method of just karate chopping the opponents to pieces as though your hands are swords.


Gento Koken Master


The heir to the Imperial Fist of the Original Dipper Style. It was once partnered with the Shinken style to defend royal bloodlines, but after the Shinken broke off to become more focussed on the assassination arts, The Koken style retreated into a sort of reclusion with the royalty. No one has any clue what happened after that. Its martial focus is heavily towards the manipulation of Ki and its potential to simply vaporize any foe who stands before the user.


The Thing


An incredibly adaptive lifeform with only one goal, assimilation. The Thing can imitate anything, and everything, and has an unquenchable appetite. It will only stop when it is the only thing left alive.